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Way to add a new employee to the Kingwork system?

Click “New Employee” 

Click “Add Column”


Will Kingwork show me the HR report?

Click “Employee Timesheet”

Click “Export”


How to bulk upload personnel to Kingwork system?

Click “Manage Employee” 

Click “Import” 


I want to set different permissions for each employee on Kingwork?

Click “Manage Roles

Click “Add new” 

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Way to download employee timesheets on Kingwork?

Click “Employee Timesheet”

Click “Export”



I need to confirm/deny an employee’s leave schedule on Kingwork?

Click “Manage Timesheet” 

Click “Request Approval” 

Tick the request and click “Approve” or “Reject” 

How to change personal information on Kingwork?

Click  “My Profile”

Click Personnel Information”   

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Where can I find place to check in/check out on Kingwork?

Click “My page” 

Click “Time Keeping” 

Click “Check in” or “Check out” 

Why is my interface different from my peers on Kingwork?

Because the interface depends on your role and position on Kingwork

Can I apply for leave or overtime by Kingwork?

Click “My Page”

Click “Timesheet”

Click “Create Request” to make a “Overtime Request” or “Time off Request” 

Fill form 

Click “Send Request” 

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How to edit the work schedule by Kingwork?

Click “My page”

Click “Timesheet”

Click “Detail” to view the work schedule

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I can not log in to Kingwork?

You may face to these problems:

– Lost network connection of device

Check again

Move to other wifi or use 3G/4G

– Wrong username or wrong password

Check and login again

Click “Forgot password to received confirmation code

Or contact us for supports